The poor air quality in the bar

As a young adult, scoring this plum job at the bar was a real “get” for me. I was young, dumb, full of energy and enthusiasm, and I loved coming to work every night. That was then, this is now, and the years in between have been a gradual downhill slope in terms of job satisfaction. The money is still good, the drunks at this bar are great tippers, it just gets harder and harder to accept the fact that I may be a barmaid for the rest of my life. It was a great job, but it’s a terrible career.  The air quality inside the bar is uniformly terrible, as is the case in most bars and clubs I have ever been to. The problem is that so many years working in poor air quality has made my lungs pretty weak, and now that air quality is harder to handle than ever before. In a few more years I may be incapable of handling this low air quality as all, so I have been suggesting better ways of utilizing ventilation systems in the bar. We have a central air conditioning system, but since that most just recycles the same dirty air it doesn’t help much. No matter how often we change out the air filters, it is never enough, so the key is to start pumping in fresh air from outside as much as we can. These sort of ventilation systems are not particularly expensive, I have come to find out, so I hope the bosses will pay for them.