That ended badly

If you live south of the Mason-Dixon line you need AC.
If you live north of that line you need a gas furnace, a fireplace, or a giant heater.
Wherever you live in the United States you need your ductwork to be sealed up tight.
During the summer time down south your air conditioner is consistently running, otherwise you sweat in the comfort of your home & under the blazing rays of the sun, but electricity bills are going to be high for that half of the year. The good thing is, you won’t need much heat, because it won’t get much cold.
Up north, the A/C component won’t have to work nearly as long in the summer, just open some windows in addition to become energy-efficient, let that cross-breeze cool your apartment in addition to keep some dollars in your pocket, and now, the winters, though, will be something else. To save some currency on your electricity bill, have some wood chop from the previous summer time drying anywhere they won’t get rained on, however only if you have a fireplace that has been maintained by a licensed Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist; Otherwise, you ought to call that same Heating in addition to Air Conditioning repairman to inspect your ductwork, if your ducts are not sealed the gas furnace component will have difficulty maximizing efficiency in addition to spend more time heating your attic than your bedrooms.

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