My cousin is a good guy

The very best part of my job is I get to work from home. I do not have to worry about what I will wear for the day  nor do I have to rush around to get the door in the morning. My days are paced as I like and I find that when I work from home, I can get a lot accomplished. The worst part about working from home used to be my home office-until my husband surprised me with a great anniversary gift. Although my home office has so many great things, the heating system is the worst feature. I hate wearing shoes and socks, especially when I am working on a project, but during the winter the floors get so cold that I have no choice but to buddle them up to keep warm. My husband knew that I was uncomfortable in the space, especially when the temperatures drop and I would often need to move into warmer parts of the house to get my work done. For our last anniversary, he decided to make some changes to my office to try to make the space warmer. This may not seem very romantic, but I was very excited to have a well heated space I would work in year round. The heating and cooling team came in to look at our HVAC system and realized there was something wrong with the vents going into the office space. Luckily, it was a pretty easy fix and within just a few days I could tell such a difference in the temperature of the space. As a surprise, my husband also had heated floors installed in my office. Although the process took several weeks, my feet are nice and warm year round.

HVAC technology