I prefer something better

A few mornings ago, I left our cabin plus hurried to the corner store to get something to eat. I don’t normally carry our driver’s license for such a short run, so when a policeman pulled me over plus asked for it, I felt I was in substantial trouble. She asked me our name, etc., ran it on her machine, discovered I was even-handed plus waved me on. I say this to make the point that credentials are important all the time. Never know  anything.

                When I called up the supervisor at our Heating plus A/C provider a few mornings ago, she told me all her certified techs were out doing jobs all over town. It was a blazing hot day, our Heating plus A/C component had stopped toiling, plus it was miserably hot in the house. Then she tentatively commanded  a girl who claimed to be able to repair every AC issue, however whose credentials she had not yet found the time to examine. Without pause, I asked him to send the fellow over. She had to be able to deliver us some relief, right? Oh boy! The “AC supplier” turned up in hours plus set to work…and more than two hours later, she was still toiling plus the AC component was still dead.

            When the Heating plus A/C supervisor called to ask what was taking so long, she immediately sent a certified serviceman to substitute the first woman. It turned out that the self proclaimed “AC tech” had no respected credentials. Apparently she had been enjoying AC servicemen work for for a while now, plus so considered himself capable of repairing any Heating plus A/C machine! Stupid!

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