Hot radiator

Well, I should have known that this plan would not work out. No matter how hard I try to make solid arrangements for visiting people from out of town, it seems like I’m doomed to have some of the worst sleep of my life those nights. This most recent sleep experience was spent at my good friends’ apartment in Chicago, after attending a blues show all day long. I carefully selected which friends to stay with and chose wisely between two top contenders, or so I thought. Of course, I didn’t anticipate the radiator from hell would reside in their living room, about 3 feet away from my head. When we set up our beds to sleep, I jauntily chose the couch and pulled a single blanket over my body, hoping that I wouldn’t be too cold without a heavy comforter on my body. Within about an hour, I was drenched in sweat. I woke up feeling like my organs were boiling inside of my body, and immediately wondered what was going on with the indoor air temperature. I could feel heat radiating near the top of my head, and the hot ambient temperature was making me sweat like a pig. When I took a look around, I noticed the radiator right by my head for the first time, and felt the aura of burning hot air that surrounded my body. I pushed the couch to the other side of the room, cracked a window, and let the frigid air rush over my burning body. The next morning my friend nonchalantly said “sorry about the radiator, it gets really hot,” as I agreed silently. And here I was worried about being cold in the brutal Chicago winter.

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