Getting the smell of freshly cooked food circulating throughout the house

With the constant influx of commercials and advertisements for newer and better air freshening products, it always makes me wonder what sort of indoor odors are so epidemic that people need so many products to cover them up.  I enjoy the aromatherapy aspect of burning candles and incense, but I always make sure my house is clean and fresh smelling before I add on layers of varying smells and aromas. I have been in several homes and commercial buildings where the strong earthy smell of mold was present underneath the thin and ineffective layer of deodorizer or perfume in the air.  If I really want my house smelling amazing a more natural way, I crank down my air conditioner and spend a few hours in my kitchen cooking meals and desserts for the week. It’s hard to beat the amazing smell of pork roast and cherry apple pie slowly cooking together in the same oven. With a strong central air conditioner it’s easy to pull these aromas from your kitchen air and circulate them throughout your house.  There have been several occasions where I inadvertently got my wife awake and out of bed an hour or more early in the morning just from the smell of cooking bacon alone. On the flip side, there have been times in the past where we had odor problems inside that needed to be addressed, with one being a particularly nasty episode with the dog rolling in animal droppings outside and tracking them onto the carpet. We had the floors cleaned right away, but the lingering odor took sometime to dissipate.  I decided to cook two pizzas and a pan of cinnamon rolls that day and it helped tremendously with naturally deodorizing the whole house. It’s hard to be the smell of home cooked food.

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