Air purification helps with the air quality

    A couple weeks ago, my husband and I walked into the house and smelled three day old, fried fish.  We knew it wasn’t the trash, the air filter of the range hood, or a dirty air filter in the furnace.  We tried using a portable air purification unit, and we had a huge difference in the smell of the air inside the house.  It suddenly occurred to me that if the air quality was so bad that it was holding odors, maybe the air was holding germs.  I had been sick for nearly three weeks, and now I was feeling better. Maybe my feeling better, had something to do with the air purifier.  We called the HVAC company to have them check out our HVAC system. We wanted to see if we were able to install an air purification system into our HVAC system.  When the HVAC tech showed up, he cleaned our furnace and he told us that it would be easy to install the air purification. He also wanted to talk to us about installing a humidifier while we were at it.  He said that the humidifier would rid us of a need for the portable humidifiers. It was simple to install and he said that it would be much cheaper to run than the portable humidifiers and air purifiers. My husband and I looked at the  cost of installation, which was a bit pricey. Compared to the doctors visits, and the cost of the energy increase, it would be worth it to not be sick all of the time, or to have a smelly house.

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