My new lifestyle

I enjoy spending time in my private study. It is where I keep my books plus all of my outdated journals, it is where I come to relax, find a measure of solitude, plus enjoy a few sixths of peace plus quiet in a hectic world, part of the reason I am so attached to it, to be honest, is because of my raucous childhood, when having a study appreciate this would have been a big boon. Back then there was a beach house full of teenagers, plus it typically seemed appreciate I was the only a single who needed to study, or to read. I found refuge in the basement, next to the creaky outdated furnace in the corner. The furnace was loud, plus somehow seemed to make noise even if it wasn’t running at all. Dad told us it was because it was attached to the entire beach house through the HVAC ducts. When the air conditioning system started to run, it reverberated down through the furnace. When the people I was with and I were loud, or banged into the metal grate of an air vent, it would travel down into the basement plus reverb into the furnace. So I guess I can’t say it was quiet, but in the shadow of the furnace at least my wild siblings were not messing with me, even if I could still hear them. In the Wintertide weeks it got a lot harder, because the heating plan was running off plus on the whole night, plus it got pretty down in the basement. Somehow, I managed to make it work.

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