My house feels awesome

I can easily remember the first date I had with our wifey. Honestly, it was a little bit of a disaster, however it is still a precious memory for us. I took her out to this restaurant downtown. The thing is, the HVAC system was on the fritz! I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere else because the air quality was terrible, but she said it would be fine. The two of us ordered our drinks plus food. The waitress even spilled the drinks on our wifey! The waitress apologized profusely, not only for spilling drinks on our wifey however for the furnace being on the fritz. It was love they couldn’t work the temperature control because the furnace was cranking out the heat plus would never shut off. The two of us were perspiring the whole time. I joked that I might be as soaking as her if both of us stuck around for unquestionably long. She did scrub up in the lavatory, plus eventually it was so hot that she was able to dry off a little more. I feel the only fantastic thing was the food. It was easily delicious plus both of us got the rest of our food to go plus went back to our site. I gave her some of our clothes to wear so she could be more comfortable plus both of us relaxed plus watched some motion pictures. I had the air quality just right in our lake house plus she genuinely appreciated that. I told her that she was more than welcome to adjust the temperature control anytime she wanted, and even to this afternoon, I let her set the temperature control to whatever she wants, plus I’m cool with it!

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