I honestly hate being sick

My office has been downsizing due to the poor economy, so there has been a vast amount of changes or this past week. For starters, over more than nine people in the office have been let go. Most of them were lazy & did not contribute much anyways, however it is still surprising to see that several people go. In another effort to split out other expenses, all of the old & run down heating & cooling units that have been installed in this arena since the company was constructed have been updated by state of the art heating & cooling units! The plan behind the switch is to help out with the energy efficiency. The several new Heating & Air Conditioning units that have been installed are much more fancy than the previous ones, however the numbers show that the yearly heating & cooling bills will be twice as low, thus saving twice the amount of money. This is a easily welcomed change in my opinion & I am blissful that I won’t have to be warm & uncomfortable all afternoon in a crowded office. Another perk is the fact that my boss was one of the people let go, & I have been chosen to take his work. That means that I get to head into his old office that just happens to be one of the parts of the office that is having one of the state of the art heating & cooling units installed. Sure I might have a much higher workload now that there are less of us, however I suppose that i am a large fan of this downsizing.

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