I did find a great solution

When I moved into my first house with my wife, I didn’t know what to expect. My parents insisted that I would love the privacy and independence that comes with having my own house, while my friends claimed that I would regret my decision as soon as I get my first utility bill. After living in this house for the past six months, I can confidently say that both parties were correct! My wife and I do love having a space where we don’t have to worry about “keeping it down”, but between the mortgage payment, homeowners insurance and the utility bills, we’re paying almost double what we paid to live in an apartment! So, we’re looking to find ways to make our house more energy-efficient, and not rely so heavily on the heating and air conditioning system (which accounts for a massive amount of the electric bill). We’ve made two big changes to the house to reduce our reliance on the A/C system: First, we’ve installed a whole-house fan to quickly remove heat from the house on hot days. Second, we’ve added plenty of insulation to the house, so that the home can retain cool temperatures for longer periods of time. The whole-house fan is the real MVP of our home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, as the fan works by rapidly pulling all trapped heat inside the house upwards and out through the roof. Using the whole-house fan allows us to need our air conditioning system far less often, and that’s exactly what we hoped would happen! By treating the direct cause of the warmth inside, rather than depending on the air conditioning unit, we can keep our house cool without using anywhere near as much electricity.

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