A very nice guy

My office has been downsizing due to the bad economy, so there has been a vast amount of changes or this past week. For starters, over ten people in the office have been let go. Most of them were lazy and did not contribute much anyways, but it is still surprising to see that multiple people go. In another effort to split out other expenses, all of the old and run down heating and cooling units that have been installed in this location since the dealer was constructed have been updated by state of the art heating and cooling units! The idea behind the switch is to help out with the energy efficiency. The new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C units that have been installed are much more extravagant than the previous 1s, but the numbers show that the biweekly heating and cooling bills will be twice as low, thus saving twice the amount of money. This is a legitimately welcomed change in our opinion and I am glad that I won’t have to be tepid and uncomfortable all day in a crowded office. Another perk is the fact that our boss was 1 of the people let go, and I have been chosen to take his job. That means that I get to transfer into his old office that just happens to be 1 of the parts of the office that is having 1 of the state of the art heating and cooling units installed. Sure I might have a much higher workload now that there are less of us, but I suppose that i am a big fan of this downsizing.

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