There was not much we could do

We recently had a single of the worst Winter time storms the two of us have ever experienced in my area. I have to admit that, at times, I can be a very stubborn person, and after visiting a friend the day before the storm was to roll into town, I insisted that it was perfectly wonderful for myself and others to try and head home. My friend was very concerned for myself and others and insisted that I would not be imposing if I stayed for an extra couple of mornings to wait for the storm to blow over. I told him everything was going to be wonderful and that I was an expert in driving in the snow. The problem was the trip was over 60 miles and the snow was already falling in earnest by the time I got into my vehicle and cranked the engine up. The other problem was that my friend lived in the country and most of that trip was going to be in the wilderness where help was a considerable distance away. I know you know where this is going. The roads became impassable a mere twenty miles from beach house and it was up to my heating idea to keep myself and others alive until help could arrive. Thankfully, I had made sure to fill up my tank before I left and I was able to keep my vehicle on and running with the heat blasting. Nevertheless, it was seriously cold, colder than any chilly I previously experienced, and I was honestly frightened. Though I was able to eventually get off the road and into the safety of my own home, I cursed myself for not staying with my friend a little longer and enjoying her wonderful heating idea while the snow storm raged outside instead of being stuck in the middle of it and being forced to use my vehicle furnace for survival!

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