That’s realistic

I believe appreciate I do not ask for too much in a home. It does not need to be large or costly or new or anything. All I want is to be relatively comfortable in the place that I call our own. I do not need a smart home with all the advanced technology that that comes with. I do not need our powder room to be decked out as if it was its own spa, though I believe that would be rather nice. I do not even need the fanciest plus biggest flat screen TVs plus other such gadgets for entertainment. All I want is a nice, warm bed to land in at the end of the day, plus a powerful plus comfortable weather conditions control system. I can live separate from a lot, but I need to be able to set our temperature control to the perfect temperature. I put up with uncomfortable uneven temperatures just about everywhere else, however when I come in for a landing at night after a long day at the job, you can be sure that I fully expect a nice comfortable home to walk into with the perfect temperature set on the temperature control. It’s truthfully area of why I live alone. I cannot imagine having to squabble with someone over genuinely odd ideas of what is plus is not comfortable when it comes to weather conditions control. I believe I might get married one day, however for now I’m enjoying the bachelor life plus a home that is set to the temperature that I prefer!