Napping out in the heat

I don’t know if you have ever sat outside on a windy day, when the temperatures were in the upper teens.  If you have, have you ever done it without a coat on. I went outside to take the trash down a couple days ago.  I didn’t wear a coat, because I didn’t plan on being outside for more than a minute. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan on the wind shutting the door.  I hadn’t unlocked the door either, and when the door shut, it locked me out. I was freezing out there, and I tried to find some relief by going into the garage.  In the garage, I didn’t have the wind, but I still didn’t have any heating. I stood there and looked at the car. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my husband would leave the keys in the car, but he had.  I guess he knew that no one could steal his Vette, because it was behind our other car. I got in the car and turned the engine over. You can never understand when my relief when it began to purr. I waited two minutes and I turned on the heater.  I had the thermostat pegged, hoping to get heat faster. My fingers were frozen, and all I wanted was heat at that moment. Within a couple minutes, the heating was on, and I was finally warm again. My husband came home from work, and he heard the car.  He came storming into the garage to find me sound asleep, with the heating on eighty. It was the nicest nap I had taken in years.

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