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When I found out that one of my employees was stealing, I was very hurt and upset. My HVAC repair company employs nearly 20 employees, and most of them are young men. It takes a lot of trust to employ these young men, who are barely 21 years old. Last month, I found out that one of my employees was stealing. They were performing HVAC repair services for cash, instead of charging those services to the company. That is a really big deal. When I found the information, I had no way of knowing how long the problem existed. I decided to set up a sting, in order to catch the HVAC employee in the act. I asked a friend to set up an appointment to repair the air conditioner in his loft apartment. I sent the HVAC employee to repair the air conditioner. The bill to repair the air conditioner was going to be $325. My friend offered the HVAC employee $175, if he would fix it under the table. I hoped my employee would surprise me, but he immediately jumped on the deal. When my employee agreed to the shady deal, my friend said he no longer wished to have the air conditioner repaired. The employee left and headed to the next job. I contacted my employee en route, and I asked him to meet me at the HVAC repair shop. When he arrived, he had no idea that he was in trouble. I asked him about the air conditioner repair, and he acted like I was crazy. Even when I told him it was a sting, he still told me I was crazy.

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