Getting help from my wife

Towards the end of last winter, my wife and I were experiencing some problems with the heat pump. We contacted the HVAC contractor, and they sent a heat pump technician to address our problem. The technician suggested that we needed a costly repair to fix the problems with our heat pump. Instead of paying a fortune to repair the heat pump, we decided to wait until the weather was cold again. That gave us all of the spring and summer months to save for the heat pump repair. The HVAC technician provided us with an estimate, so we knew how much money it would cost to make the necessary repairs. My wife and I worked a lot of overtime during the summer months, so we could go on a nice vacation. We spent two weeks in the mountains, with some of our best friends. We had a great time, but we spent more money than we wanted. We had to dip into the heat pump savings fund. My wife and I didn’t have enough money, by the time the heat pump repair was due. My wife and I had to use the credit card to pay for the heat pump repairs. I was really upset and disappointed, because we had plenty of money before our vacation. My wife and I could have saved some money on interest fees, if we wouldn’t have splurged during vacation. Still, riding around on those jet skis was the the adventure of a lifetime. We saw dolphins, birds, turtles, and a few lemon sharks. I guess everything worked out in the end.

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