My climate control is really starting to work

You know, I never thought much about the importance of heating and air conditioning in a rental house until my whole entire family (including our extended family) rented a gigantic beach house near the eastern seaboard this past summer. As soon as we arrived at the house, everyone started complaining about the interior temperature of the house. Some people wanted the thermostat turned up because they thought it was too cold, and of course other people said they were sweating to death and that we really needed to turn up the air conditioning. I could tell right away that the thermostat was going to be a big issue of contention among our family and I didn’t want to ruin our week-long family vacation so I called the rental agency that we were renting the house through and they told me some wonderful news. Apparently, there’s a way that you can switch the thermostat controls in this massive beach house over from full-house control to zone control heating and air conditioning. Well, this was the best news that I had ever heard! I followed the instructions that the rental agent gave me over the phone and pretty soon every room except the main family room and kitchen were switched over to zone control heating and A/C. I’m sure that most of my family went to their rooms right away to adjust their thermostats once I explained the zone control system to them. It really helped us to get along much better throughout that week and we all had a great time!

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