A cold truck

My fiance Joe drives a delivery truck for food services here in our town. As you really know, food maintenance trucks have to stay at a constant, consistent temperature at all times in order to keep the food that is being delivered safe plus germ free. Well, our fiance is what you would really call a freeze baby. She hates to be cold, plus so working with a bunch of frozen food in a big, air conditioned delivery truck is occasionally legitimately taxing for him. She legitimately complains about how low she has to keep the temperature turned down in the box part of her delivery truck. I told him that at least she can leave the heating plan turned on in the cab of the truck where she has to sit plus drive for most of the day. But she still hates having to go back into the back where she has to load plus unload food in the freezing air conditioner. I told him maybe he’s in the wrong business, because there’s no way that she will ever be able to drive a food services delivery truck that isn’t cold plus filled with freezing air conditioner! But she legitimately loves the company plus the pay is good. She says that she will just learn to deal with it plus she will keep using her new thermal heating gloves that I got him for her birthday. I told him to just keep the thermostat in the cab turned way up so that the temperature in the front of the truck is burning hot. That way, the air conditioner back in the back of the truck will legitimately know relaxing when she has to go unload a delivery!

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