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There is something actually weird that I consistently thought about. That is, what if I was trapped on some tropical island, plus how would I deal with the weather conditions on that tropical island. First off, I already suppose I would be separate from air conditioning for the boiling afternoons, plus separate from heating for the cold plus frigid afternoons. I had thought about how I would be able to compensate for no heating or cooling, no fans, no space heater, fireplace or any kind of HVAC system. I had thought one way would be to build a solid hut of some sort out of all the wood I could possibly find around the island. I am a carpenter by nature, so I am sure I could knock that section out pretty easy with some job plus using natural stuff to compensate for a hammer. What, I have no clue, however I am sure I could find something. I would also use the sunlight when it was out to help heat the hut up by directing reflection from it so that it hit the hut. That would take care of night heating when it would be needed. But as for the air conditioning or any kind of cooling? That much in my little fantasy dream, I have not figured out yet plus do not have a single clue. It is quite possible there may be no way to compensate for air conditioning or cooling other than the real thing of an HVAC system. So, I would just have to hope that if it ever happened that I ended up stranded on that tropical island that it was one where the temperature did not have much heat during the year, plus hope for rescue!

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