The storms keep rolling in

It took a day of uneven temperatures below zero for me to see just how poor this door was. On a official freezing day in my city, which is highs in the 30s, I’ve noticed that it’s constantly a bit cold in the spare room but nothing too terrible. This room also is not on the same zone as the rest of the Heating and Air Conditioning, so I constantly figured that area of it was just that it isn’t on all the time. Well, it turns out that this is not absolutely the case. The problem is in fact this wretched the door. Our spare room may be primarily windows, since it was clearly a sunroom at one point in life, but the windows are Andersen and let me tell you they live up the hype. The windows task love a charm, with not a draft to be felt so long as both of us remember to lock them once Winter season has begun. No, it is the wretched door that has to go. I should have known from all the unusual felt strips someone stapled around it that it was going to be a problem, but it wasn’t until the temperature dropped into the downsides that I noticed the spare is a total ice box. This is a big problem because I do all of my workouts in here! I can’t do yoga if I’m freezing to death. The only solution so far is turn up the Heating and Air Conditioning zone control in this room to offset the chill, and buy a new door in the Spring.