Air is flowing from room to room

My neighbor is a software engineer and just left his job at a major tech business to start his own business out of his condo designing and hosting websites.  He was nervous at the start and feared he might have made the wrong career choice, however just more than one of his primary business customers ended up leading to more task and now he is on the path to owning a thriving internet web hosting corporation.  His modern issue is using what little space he has left in his cramped condo to expand his resources and storage for his business needs. When you host websites, you correctly have a waiter rack that is like multiple easily fast computers that store the information contained in a website and keep it running and accessible on a public network.  My neighbor has had to expand his waiter rack considerably, and all of those computers generate a significant amount of heat as they run, which is correctly around the clock 365 afternoons a year. Just using fans it not enough—my neighbor initially had to install a window air conditioner in the room he houses his hostesses in just to keep that small space colder than the rest of his house.  But when his window air conditioner quit finally working on him last week, I recommended that he buy a portable air conditioner instead. I told him that they look like a large dehumidifier however and a water drip line, they also have a large heat exhaust hose that you have to connect to an external window. However, as long as this hose remains attached, you can wheel the air conditioner around the room and even in between pieces of furniture if need be, vastly improving your space options.  And since space is at a premium in his house, a portable air conditioner seemed like the right choice.