We’re making sure we stay cool

After the barrage of hurricanes that came several years ago, my town had barely any legs to stand on anymore. Many of the life-long natives decided to move away from the area, and any potential new citizens were scared off by the inclement weather. Our economy suffered greatly for over a year, and in that time I had to try and make the most of nothing! There was only one heating, ventilation and air conditioning company in town after that terrible hurricane season, and they were tasked with helping every single citizen rebuild their homes – and subsequently, rebuilding their heating and air conditioning systems. Until the HVAC service company could see me (which wasn’t going to be for at least two months), I had to make due with basic equipment. I used ceiling fans in my home to help circulate the cool air around, and I also made sure to rely on the stack effect to pull as much hot air out of my home as I could. Thankfully, I had windows in my house that could be opened from the top and the bottom, which allowed me to create two openings at each window. The two openings made it so that hot air would be pulled outside, which in turn caused negative air pressure inside and lured cold outdoor air into the house. It was a natural, passive air conditioning system for my house, and it worked surprisingly well! Between this and the ceiling fans spinning in each room, I was able to make due without a functional heating and air conditioning system in my house for two months. Once the HVAC service company came to my house and helped to install central heating and air conditioning, I was relieved to no longer rely on such an old-fashioned way to cool my home. The small energy bills were nice for the time being, but it came at the cost of decent indoor air quality – and that made it all not worthwhile.

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