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My partner plus I were in our first home for only a year. I guess that doesn’t sound genuinely out of the ordinary, as plenty of people find themselves out of their first house abruptly for plenty of reasons. Some people realize that the home isn’t within their price range once they start making payments, while others abruptly discover a hidden money pit within the home (I’m not talking about a pit full of money, mind you); For our partner plus I, the two of us began living in our first home only a month after the two of us got married, so the two of us were still in the easy-going honeymoon stage when the two of us noticed things wrong in the house. Aside from a leaky roof while the two of us were in Summer rains plus a funny smell that would come from the attic while the two of us were in those rains, there was another large issue: our HVAC program stunk! I don’t just mean that it was subpar at performing heating plus cooling functions, I mean it made the home smell appreciate rotting garbage, however both of us finally had enough of the A/C program making our home smell appreciate a landfill, so the two of us reached out to the heating plus air conditioner maintenance company that we’d used at our condo. The professional that arrived was quick to pinpoint the source of the smell, which was a build-up of mold in the ductwork of the HVAC program itself. Both of us never would’ve thought to look for that! After she cleaned plus disinfected the entire HVAC duct, the smell was gone. Both of us were so blissful plus thankful for the smell to be gone, the two of us knew the two of us just had to keep this woman around somehow! That day, the two of us signed up for a program maintenance plan. I’m ecstatic the two of us did, as the rest of the home was falling apart – but at least the HVAC program was in fine shape!

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