Why did they do that!

When I was in real estate, I loved being in the homes when the inspections were being done.  I wanted to see everything they did and I had a list of all of the inspections that needed to be done.  I would take up a seat as they stuck their heads in the oven, turned on every valve and ran the water. I laughed when they raised and lowered the garage doors to make sure they worked.  They opened and shut every window and door in the house. I enjoyed going into the attic and enjoying as they checked the insulation and looked for damp spots where the roof could be leaking.  They tested to make sure there was no dry rot in the roof timbers. When both of us got to the basement, I paid special attention. They would set out their test kits, test the washer and dryer and check the floor joists.  They looked for signs of insects and rodents. They also had to test the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. After turning them on and off, they checked pilot lights, and they even pulled the air filters in a couple of gas furnaces.  He said it helped to show them if they had done their respected service on the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. The a single inspector was worried when he saw a single beach house had a coal gas furnace and a gas gas furnace. They had both gas furnaces, and the tepid water oil furnace going into the same chimney.  That beach house didn’t pass the inspection. I felt terrible telling the buyers the beach house wasn’t able to pass the inspections, however it was a great way for carbon monoxide to get into the beach house with that set up.

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