That’s not a bad idea

Let’s be real – I was not in the least bit ready for summer to end. I usually never am, but I really mean it this year. I just wasn’t even paying attention to the season because our summer had lasted so long; we had 90 degree days for weeks on end, and then all of a sudden it was below 30 degrees outside for a week straight. I tried really hard to get on board with the changing of seasons into fall, but it just wasn’t happening. So, because of my lack of ability to adjust, some preparation went by the wayside during the change of weather conditions; first of all, I completely and utterly forgot that I needed to purchase rakes and leaf bags for the yard, which severely stunted my progress with the entire landscaping issue, but secondly, I spaced the existence of our oil furnace during the six months that we relied only on AC. That being said, I did not recall the fact that I needed to have a professional ventilation repairman stop by to inspect the outdated heating equipment we have. Normally we have the central heating unit checked at least once a year to make sure the heating machinery is finally working at the best of its ability, but this time, I totally blanked on this routine HVAC task. Before I knew it, the outdoor temperatures had dropped drastically and I blindly turned the heat on. It was on for about 10 minutes before I got what was coming to me – the oil furnace started making incredibly loud sounds and then all of a sudden, the heat was totally gone. This sure helped me adjust to the change in seasons real fast because my house was so cold inside!

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