They did send a truck out

Sitting on my back porch on sunny afternoon I noticed several bees flying by.  At first I thought that they we just attracted to a large rose bush in the garden but I kept noticing them flying around the same location on my siding.  Curiosity got the better of my and headed over to investigate. As I got closer, I noticed a line of brown goo coming down the side of the house. The bees were flying in and out on a continual basis.  I figured out quickly that they had found a way to build a hive behind the siding. I had no clue what to do so I looked in the yellow pages under exterminators. I didn’t want to kill the bees because they are so beneficial to my garden, but, I certainly didn’t want them living in my home either.  Most of the exterminators only offered to come and kill the hive so it took some phone calls before I got the name of a bee handler who would come and move them. I wanted to make sure that they bees could be relocated to a safer place where they could thrive. The person who came out actually had a large parcel of land with many trees.  The older trees were set up to accommodate the hives and allow the colonies to grow naturally. There was a small fee for the removal but I felt it was totally worth it because my home was bee free and the bees could live on. I felt like I had done a good deed for the bees in the end.

bee removal