Removing yellow jackets

My husband, Paul and I found out a big colony of bees building a nest under our back deck last summer.  We weren’t sure what to do about it. Paul and I spend a lot of time out there during the summer months, enjoying the nicer weather, and we didn’t want to give that up.   At first, the two of us considered spraying them with pesticide. We felt bad about this option, since there’s been a decline in honeybee population. Killing them wasn’t the environmentally responsible thing to do.  The bees in the area are a vital part of the pollination process. Paul and I knew were unwilling to sacrifice our time on the deck to the bees for the the entire season. We finally researched on the internet, and found a trained professional who would come out and handle the relocation of the bees for a small fee.  The guy needed to set up the equipment for the transfer after sunset. He then left it in place for twenty four hours. This allowed all the bees to migrate into the containment cylinder. Once they were contained, they could be moved safely. I wondered how we could be sure that the bees would not just return to the same spot.  The bee guy said that as long as he moved them at least two miles away, they wouldn’t come back. Paul and found the whole process truly fascinating. The container was set up after dark because the bees had already returned to the hive for the night. If they put the container in place during the daylight hours, some would get trapped outside and  left behind. It was interesting to learn a bit about the bees. I am relieved they are gone now.