I learned so much

I like to learn about things all the time. People call me strange because of how often I am poking my nose into something else. They find it especially strange because they see no practical side to learning the things I do. However, I find learning to always be practical, even if I can get no personal use out what I learned, such as with a light bulb. It’s not like understanding how photons are created, as a result of electrons bouncing off of electrons, is going to help me build a time machine or something novel like that. However, it does improve my understanding of how stuff works, and I find that very enjoyable. When I was learning about my HVAC system, I learned some cool things as well. First of all, I never knew HVAC was an acronym. For those who are unfamiliar with the acronym, it stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. I also always just assumed that whatever my thermostat did, it told a singular device to provide heating or cooling. However, as the acronym also suggests, the heating process is different from the cooling process. As for heating, a typical home will use either a furnace system or a boiler system. A furnace will use forced air, and a boiler will use heated water to travel through pipes. Both of these systems can use different types of fuel. Whether it be a furnace or boiler, but may use either natural gas or some type of oil. Obviously, since cooling is the process of removing hot air, an air conditioner won’t use either of these systems, and it operates independently.

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