I have control over the thermostat

I job in a large, downtown office building which is less than more than four years old.  The building is absolutely charming and super modern. I was glad to get hired by the supplier and have the occasion to job there.  However, despite all of the chopping-edge amenities and features, there are some downsides to the building. Because it is situated right downtown, there is no nearby parking.  I’m forced to pay a fee to leave our car in a parking garage several blocks away. I then walk through rain, snow, brutal wind chill, heat, sleet or humidity, depending on the time of year.  By the time I reach the building, I’m often wet from rain or sweat, and either cold frigid or overheated. While the facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating, cooling and ventilation system, it isn’t always perfectly comfortable.  Control over the thermostat is handled by the corporation’s headquarters, which is located on the other side of the country. The switch between heating and cooling, and adjustment of the temperature is regulated by the date on the calendar rather than the actual weather.  Since we are located in an part with particularly unpredictable weather patterns, this can lead to troubles. On the first day of fall, the commercial heating system starts up. There are vents located throughout the building, so there is no escape from the heat. It’s not unofficial for the outside conditions to be be moderate and humid.  The inside of the building becomes overheated and stuffy, and none of the windows open. On the first day of Spring, the system changes over to air conditioning. It doesn’t matter if the outside temperature is thirty degrees with snowfall.