A certain level of comfort

When our son moves out we’ve decided to get a much smaller home and save some money on heating and cooling bills, for one. My husband and I raised 4 beautiful and intelligent children and when our youngest finally moves out, we’re going to downsize a lot. The home is just too large for two people. There’s too much to take care of and we want to travel and do other things in retirement. The hubby and I are sort of minimalists and neither of us need much to be happy. The two of us were bound and determined to raise children with the same values and needs as well. There are few things we need in life, but a couple things that both of us will splurge on to maintain a certain level of comfort. The most pressing example of such a comfort has to be a top-notch heating system and a/c system, but our modern home’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system has given us grief throughout the years and we’re tired of maintaining it. We’re looking into many modern options now for the new home. Since we’re finding a smaller house, it’ll most likely be radiant flooring heat that we choose to use! It would be nice to control the temperature of each and every room with zone control thermostat, however having radiant floors just sounds so fancy and comfortable. Only a couple years to go so we’re planning everything out now!  I can’t wait to have a more efficient and comfortable home.