We know this will happen

This past week our family plus I just moved into a modern house, and i was super happy to make this transition, because our little family was starting to get cramped living in a tiny apartment, then during the first few mornings living in this modern house, everything was going pretty smooth! Our little ones were liking the wide open spaces, plus I was liking having an office for our own. What I was not such a fan of was the cooling system unit in the house, and the cooling system unit was installed in the 1980’s, plus it is super unreliable plus sporadic. One day I will turn it on, plus nothing will happen. The next day I will go to turn it off, plus an minute later it will turn back on plus blast frigid air all over the house! The worst space is that our men are starting to add on to the problem. The cooling system unit is installed in the bedroom right next to the couch, so they prefer to play with their little action figures… From time to time they will “accidentally” drop their toys down into the cooling system duct, leaving our partner plus I to have to call up the local Heating & A/C corporation to come plus pull them out before the cooling system unit breaks down for good. It might not be such a terrible thing if the air cooling unit breaks down to be honest, because sooner or later I need to have something that our family plus I can rely on while in the sizzling summer time season.

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