The thermostat does it’s job

Last week I applied for a new job at a big law firm downtown. I’ve been working in a little law office right down the street, but I think in order to advance my career in the field of law, I really need to go somewhere that has more opportunity for advancement. One of the best things about my little office is the fact that I’m the person out front dealing with clients and I get to be in charge of the thermostat. I like being in control of the heating and air conditioning in the office, since it seems like everyone else has trouble deciding when the furnace needs to be turned off or on. I personally don’t have a problem with that. I usually go by the outside temperatures and then just adjust the thermostat in the office according to how warm or cold the temperatures outside are. I know that some people in my office get annoyed with the thermostat situation, but I don’t really know why. It’s not like it’s rocket science to keep the thermostat and the interior temperature of the office set at a medium level so that everyone can be happy. I think people who work in office environments, at least environments without zone control heating and air conditioning, should really be able to compromise when it comes to the temperature in the office. I’m hoping that if I get this job at the big downtown firm that they will have zone control heating and A/C! Otherwise, I might be in trouble!

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