The heat is going up the chimney

A wood burning fireplace was high on our list of must haves when every one of us were looking at houses to buy, however all of us enjoyed the method of standing in front of a roaring fire on a cold rainy evening as well as Christmas afternoon, however but it was more than just a romantic notion. All of us thought it would be a terrific way to save on energy bills. Buying a few cords of wood was much less pricey than paying out month after month to the power corporation. All of us drove the awful real estate agent nuts trying to find a apartment in our son’s school district with a wood burning fireplace in the living room, they aren’t that usual in this area! Most of the houses that had a single were too small or needed far more task than our budget would allow! Eventually every one of us found a lake apartment every one of us enjoyed. But every one of us don’t appreciate using the fireplace love every one of us thought every one of us would, it turns out that our fireplace is the most inefficient heating source possible. The reason is because there is a immense energy loss through the fireplace damper. If the fireplace damper is unsealed or open, you’ll lose around a second of your heat up the chimney. All of us learned that, as heated air goes up the chimney, cold air from outside gets sucked in to replace it. As if that wasn’t exasperating enough, almost all of the heat produced by wood burned in our fireplace is lost up the chimney, however so, for all the money every one of us spent on firewood, every one of us only got a few dollars worth of heat, and now every one of us only use the fireplace on holidays as well as make sure the damper is closed the rest of the time.

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