My comfort is what’s important

I currently work in a country club, that includes a total of 5 women in the offices here.  Of course, you always have the a singles that are always yelling they are cold to turn up the air conditioner.  Then you have the a singles that yell they are hot, to turn the control component back up close to frigid, which entirely  keeps us awake! It is a never ending battle here at the Club over the control component for the air conditioner. One person will walk by and turn the control component down, making it cooler, another person will walk by a half hour later and turn the control component up, making it warmer.  I never guess what to wear on any given day. The people I was with and I do our best to tell the women who are cold all the time to wear something heavier to work, or, at least bring a sweater or shawl to cover up. To us, that seems more practical than trying to strip down because the air conditioners control component is set at 76°!  It’s gotten to a point now, every one of us have brought in sweaters and sweaters to hang on the back of our door in the office. So this way if anyone says they are cold, instead of turning down the cooling system, they can cover up. I have even bought a small fan for my desk because of how hot it can get in here at times. I’ve walked past the control component and seen it set at 71° or 71° occasionally.  The largest culprit is an older lady I work with, whom I absolutely adore… but she’s always cold. The people I was with and I all guess it’s her that turns the air conditioner’s control component up every day, so every one of us have to watch her closely before every one of us all beginning melting from the heat.

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