Locking things away

Renting houses is always a toss up, however there are the benefits of being able to have pets and not have a proprietor on top of you all the time, and having more section and fewer neighbors is obviously awesome… However, a whole house means you also have a lot more things that could go wrong without you noticing, apartments are easy, they’re quicker to look over during a walk through and much easier to notice when something is amiss; I made that mistake when I rented this house and didn’t look over this one door closely enough. I was suckered in by the sticker on it saying Andersen, which made me guess it was both new and a fantastic energy saving design. However, now that it’s colder I’m noticing it is always freezing cold around the glass slider door, and when I took a step back, I noticed the entire door is slanted in the frame. I can’t tell if the sliding door was installed wrong, or if the house is just so poorly built however that the doorway was slanted in the first locale and no one fixed it, either way, the door is creating a large draft and running up our oil heating bill. The door simply cannot close all the way. However our proprietor swears it can be locked, so it works just fine. Typical! Now my roommates and I are going over energy saving tips, such as energy star curtains hung flush to the door, to try and mend the draft. Anything to keep us from using so much oil with our boiler!