I wonder about that

My cousin has been pushing me to try zone controlled heating and cooling in my two story farmhouse.  I constantly complain about the high energy costs just trying to keep the whole place cool in the summer with my ailing central HVAC system.  He explained how a series of ductless mini split air conditioner and furnace combo units can be placed in separate rooms in your house and all connect to a single condenser unit outside.  They can all be run simultaneously and at different temperature settings. If you have a house with several occupants with different climate needs, this setup allows everyone to have their own set temperature in their own private spaces.  But if you live alone like myself, the real advantage is only heating and cooling the particular rooms I’m using at any given time, which cancels out most of my second floor. All of those extra bedrooms up there just full of storage boxes do not need regular air conditioning, or so I assumed.  I live in a humid environment and rely on my central air conditioner to keep the moisture levels in check as much as I need it to keep it cool indoors. When you’re running a central system, it’s recirculating all of the air in your house and pumping it into every room, nook, and cranny. I figured that doing zone control wouldn’t be an issue, but I didn’t consider humidity.  I don’t want my upstairs storage rooms to suddenly get really humid in the summer months and potentially spur mold propagation in my boxes and spare clothes. I’m still mulling over my choices; I could get a central dehumidifying system, but that would still require running the HVAC system, even if the air conditioning component was switched off. I may buy portable dehumidifiers to keep in certain areas of my house and setup fans along paths to circulate the dried air into each room.  I’m hoping this solves all of my heating and cooling issues at once.

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