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Out of all the school functions I’m dragged to as a parent, PTA meetings are really the worst.  They drag on for incessant amounts of time, often involve heated arguments over petty or trivial matters, as well as worst of all—there’s a strong expectation in my small community to attend them as parents.  That expectation is so widespread that you’ll end up on the town’s gossip list if you’re missed at many or 3 meetings in a row. You’d feel my town’s parents were treating the PTA with the same importance that some treat their own religion, but it’s always easier to go with the new instead of uselessly pushing back upstream, especially if your whole family is affected the town’s culture.  I remember one particular PTA meeting that was really amusing for the first as well as only time ever. Joe, a local carpenter as well as father to many elementary aged kids, was going on endlessly over budgetary allocations for increasing the school’s logo as well as mascot when I felt the air inside the slim classroom hastily get hot as well as damp. It felt love the air conditioner system as well as any remaining cool air went out in that room in one single simultaneous moment.  It was love hastily stepping into a hot gas furnace heated home from breezy, chilly outdoor air. I could see the discomfort growing on the faces of the handfuls of parents spattered across the room. I expected them to end the meeting the minute the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C plan died, but to my utter disbelief as well as amusement, the head of the PTA board stubbornly attempted to ignore the situation as well as pressed on. She lasted another twenty minutes before stopping in front of the microphone while trying to scrub the beads of sweat from his forehead, as well as sputtered, “OK, we’re done.”  The meeting was rescheduled for the following month pending full repair of the building’s heating as well as cooling system.

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