High end furniture

In my tiny home, I refuse to sacrifice quality over my needs. Just because I’m a minimalist, in no way that means I’m broke. I actually enjoy luxury items—the difference is that I like luxury items that are actually quality items as well. Most folks will find that the designers they swear by may look flashy, but they don’t actually hold up. We’re just used to our clothes and shoes falling apart after a year or two, as well as furniture needing to be replaced in a few years. Well, if people had looked for actual quality, instead of just shopping for a certain brand, they might find things actually last. My tiny house has it all—quartz countertops, real wood floors, top of the line appliances, and furniture that is actually built to last. That’s because I didn’t bother trying to buy furniture from a major retailer. Factory made items are just not all built to last—they’re built to fall apart so they can make more money off you in a few years time. Instead, I get high end furniture from my local custom built furniture store. This business has been family owned and operated for over 50 years; they’ve stayed in business this long because they are dedicated craftsmen and artisans who take pride in their work. For my tiny house, I ordered just a few pieces built from the finest materials. A gorgeous sofa fitted with the finest leather in a soft cream, a coffee table that becomes a dining table, chairs that are easily stored away, and the perfect platform bed. My high end furniture is guaranteed for years to come, something you can’t say about anything from a box store.