Getting locked up in traffic

My girlfriend was telling me about her latest visit to the local courthouse to clear up a traffic ticket and it was quite an adventure!  Actually, it sounded more like a dreadful trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles than a quick trip to the courthouse. The morning started out fine and she walked into a waiting room that was packed to the gills already at 9:00 am in the morning. There weren’t even enough seats for everyone in the room. She walked up and got her ticket for her service time at the counter and luckily spotted an empty seat along the back row of chairs. She waited and waited and was there a little over an hour when she notices she felt very uncomfortable. She glanced around and noticed everyone else was taking off their jackets as well, and eventually after her number was called, she asked the courthouse worker why it was so hot. He answered that it’d been happening on and off this entire week, but that their heating plan was on the fritz today and it was only capable of blasting fully heated air. At least it was still winter out and cold, but still, it was an uncomfortable experience for an already overcrowded room and long wait. Can you guess what that room would have been like if it was full heating and no air conditioning in the summer?  There would have been a riot! Other than that, she said her experience was not all that bad with getting the traffic ticket cleared up, however despite that, I’m not looking forward to my upcoming visit.

sam’s comfort