A day in the courthouse

My boyfriend shared her recent experience of going to the courthouse for a parking ticket. After hearing about it, it sounded rough! Apparently he walked into a unquestionably crowded room with far too few chairs compared to the amount of people in there.  Aren’t there fire codes to prevent that much crowding in public buildings? He said there were at least 150 other people inside this sizable room, but I have no way of determining if he was exaggerating or not. In any case, he said that he was able to get his numbered ticket and then luckily found a seat so he could wait his turn. After three hours of waiting he said that he began feeling overly warm. He looked around and noticed everyone else was taking off their coats also, so it wasn’t just him that was feeling uncomfortable and overheated. When his number was called and he went to the counter, he asked what was the issue with their HVAC system. The man replied that their heating system was on the fritz this week and it was only capable of blasting fully heated air. This was in the middle of January so it was fairly chilly outside, thankfully ,but it was still an uncomfortable experience for an already overcrowded and unpleasant experience overall. At least it wasn’t in the middle of warm season when everyone there would have been drenched with sweat and smelly. I just got a parking ticket, too, and I’m not looking forward to spending time in that overcrowded, hot space with that many people and having a broken HVAC system, also.

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