A building with high ceilings

My spouse was entertaining me and some of our friends at a dinner party the other night about her most recent visit to the courthouse because of a parking ticket.  it sounded more like a nightmare trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles than a friendly trip to the courthouse! Apparently she walked into an undoubtedly crowded room with too many people and too few chairs.  She tried to hurry along the process and got her number ticket and waited for her name to be called. The crowded room and noise was one thing, but she started to feel overly warm in the room. She realized that the courthouse’s heating plan was actually working way too well! She looked around the room and noticed almost everyone else was taking off their jackets just like she had to do to stay comfortable with the HVAC going on overdrive.  Her number was called about an hour later and she inquired about the hot air. Apparently the heating system was broken and the only way they could use heat was if it was on full blast! At least it was in the middle of January so it was still quite cold outside, but nevertheless, the room itself was uncomfortable. Could you imagine if it was in the dead of summer? Everyone there would have been drenched with sweat and smelly and irritated they had to wait in line. At least she got her ticket taken care of quickly and she didn’t have to stay in that building with inappropriate heating and cooling systems.

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