We are focused on the work

Working in a clinical engineering workshop is interesting, if not challenging work, and since our workshop is situated in the basement below an entire hospital facility, every one of us acquire in equipment from patient rooms, doctor’s offices, surgical operating rooms, as well as numerous other places around the facility, but we’re expected to repair and/or replace this equipment in a matter of hours, which can be seriously stressful when it’s a patient in dire need of the equipment! I’m just thankful that the hospital’s leadership has recognized the stress that our team as well as others love it face every day, which is why they’ve allotted budgetary room for us to have the best heating as well as air conditioner units that cash can buy! See, our workspace shares a wall with the hospital morgue – if you’ve ever thought it can be creepy to see a morgue, try walking around in it because you wouldn’t know how freezing it is in there! For that reason, our workshop tends to be ice-freezing all the time; It’s great in the summertime when temperatures are flying high into the eighties all day, however it’s brutal when we’re already enduring cold temperatures due to the freezing weather of the fall as well as winter, but that’s where our costly heating systems come into play, as every one of us use radiant heating in the form of cove heating systems to stay warm, then cove heating systems act love radiant floor heating, however instead of the heat generating from the floor as well as moving up, the heat will generate from the ceiling as well as radiates downward. I suppose it’s fabulous, as it provides just the right amount of warmth for us to be cozy as well as focused on our work… After all, when I’m soldering cables for a piece of equipment used to monitor heart rates, you don’t want myself and others making a mistake!

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