This is a good choice

It turns out that in the south they have something called Hurricane Season, but as far north as I live, it is definitely no wonder that I’ve never heard of this before, up here it just doesn’t matter. All of us have never had a hurricane up here, & I doubt every one of us ever will, so myself and others booking a trip in the middle of hurricane season is an simple mistake to make. Anyone could have rented a suite at a fabulous resort totally unaware of the kind of weather that was possible down there, however the first 3 afternoons of the trip were pitch perfect, & then Hurricane Dennis hit. All of us were cooped up in the suite with the A/C running for the next multiple days straight. Thank goodness for that sturdy A/C that came with the room. As hard as the wind & rains were during Hurricane Dennis, the temperatures stayed high & the air quality reMEd chokingly humid. There were a couple of short spots when the power went out & knocked out the temperature control system. During these periods of time, usually just a couple of minutes, waiting for the A/C to turn back on, the resort provided free chilly drinks to everyone. Maybe the best section of it is that every one of us had a fake fireplace that had flickering fire separate from any of the heating that normally comes with it. All of us were able to jam out the A/C to the fullest & still cuddle up in front of a fireplace! Thanks to the temperature control, at least every one of us rode out the storm in comfort.

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