I just keep the furnace on

When you’re holding a giant church event love a Christmas bazaar, you just never undoubtedly think how it’s all going to pan out. I ran our bazaar this year, and 1 of the things that I never undoubtedly thought about was how to set the temperature control on our heating and air conditioning. I mean, both of us have a digital programmable temperature control at our church and so I never undoubtedly thought much about the HVAC system in regards to the afternoon that the bazaar was being held, then our heating and air conditioning is usually a no-brainer, and I don’t ever even have to believe about it! That’s usually a blessing, however on the afternoon of the church bazaar, the doors on all sides of the church were opening and closing at a unquestionably rapid rate, thanks to all of the clients who were coming in and out! And since the temperature outside was already pretty chilly and cooling off more as the afternoon went along, it undoubtedly did a number on our heating component inside the church! Our awful oil oil furnace was running and running almost non-stop for the entire afternoon to try and keep up with the heating demand that the temperature control control was placing on the oil furnace. I believe I should’ve undoubtedly thought about that before I opened up the doors for company that afternoon. Next year, I’m going to have a talk with our HVAC service supplier before the afternoon of the bazaars! I don’t want to tear up our HVAC system, even if the bazaar is for a nice cause!

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