Everything should be fixed

I have gone to a lot of car showrooms to shop for & see the latest & greatest in cars in general. Over the last 10 years I have been to at least 7 or 8 different showrooms; The atmosphere is pretty nice, & so are the sales people & generally the buyers that come in. However, I will say there is a single particular a single that has something wrong with their heating & cooling system. In the dead of summer time time months the place is consistently hot as being inside an oven or an over large section heater. Then, on the flip side of things, in the Winter time months, the place is usually freezing adore an ice box, or, adore being inside an over large portable a/c unit! It does not make sense to me why their heating & cooling system consistently works completely backwards from what the temperature is outside. I am not sure if it is the people who operate it, or if it is a legit issue with the heating & cooling system. I am no Heating & Air Conditioning specialist, however something is entirely  wrong here. The other day, I decided to call this showroom up & ask them. They had told me they were well aware of the issue & were working on trying to get it fixed with their local Heating & Air Conditioning company in the area. They entirely told me that the next time I come to their showroom, everything should be finally fixed. It has been a long time, & I can not assume they are just now getting on this! But I entirely hope that they are true to their word that the Heating & Air Conditioning system is completely fixed the next time I go there.

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