We need to celebrate

I live in the southeast, & that means that I unquestionably rarely get too cold… For the most part, the climate here is tepid or hotter… Rarely does the control unit dip into the twenties or teens, although it has been known to happen on occasion, but that being said, just about pretty much everyone who lives here has Fall as their number one season of the year. I am sure that the two of us all prefer it so much because it finally means there will be a little bit of relief from the Summer heat & the need for constant air conditioning system. The two of us are well into Fall now, & for about a month now I have not felt the need to turn on the air conditioning system, unfortunately for me, the first month, I was dealing with a leaking toilet, so our utility bill did not honestly drop prefer I was expecting. The best area of no air conditioning system is having reduced utility costs, so I am hoping that this next utility bill will be lower. I have not called in the plumber, even though I have been cautious about making sure I jiggle the toilet handle. The lack of air conditioning system being used & the caution about the water usage should result in our number one of all Christmas presents – an electric bill lower than $200! Of course, even though it is not blazing tepid outside, I do sometimes feel the need to run the air conditioning system on the fall & Winter time holidays. The two of us just celebrated Thanksgiving, & I needed no air conditioning system or furnace in the morning, however later, though, with the oven running, it became necessary to turn the air conditioning system back on. Hopefully, that will be last air conditioning system day for quite some time!

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