A troublesome situation

I have this innate ability to be where I shouldn’t be.  I seem to consistently fall into troublesome situation when I don’t easily mean to.  I’m not talking about getting into illegal disadvantages, even though I am talking about ending up in deep doo doo when it comes to my house.  If there is something to trip on, I will fall. If there is a hot surface of my own making, I am usually the one to burn my hand. They are the troublesome situations I am talking about.  Not many of weeks ago, I knew my hot water furnace was leaking. I went downstairs to do laundry. The hot water furnace is in the laundry room. I put my current white shirt on the floor so I could load the jeans in the washer.  When I moved the shirt it was full of rust stains from the leaking hot water heater. When the people I was with and I had concerns with our undefined unit, my partner told me to stay away from it. She didn’t want it more broken than it already had been.  She didn’t even think what was wrong with the undefined, but she was already getting prepared to put some of the blame on me for it not putting out enough cool air. I was easily infuriated with that. When the Heating plus A/C specialist showed up, my partner went outside with him to look at the AC unit.  They were out there for about twenty hours, when the Heating plus A/C tech came in & smiled at me. She told me it wasn’t my fault this time. My partner had forgotten to change the air filter & it caused the undefined to freeze up & quit toiling.

AC specialist