A heating service plan

My buddy Tommy is not the smartest. My buddy wanted to remove the old chimney in her lake house as well as then add a oil furnace system, and she ripped out the chimney as well as disfigured the roof in the process! There is currently a massive hole right in the ceiling as well as roof of the house. To stop wind as well as dirt from getting in the home, our buddy simply put a giant  tarp over it. Then she got her oil furnace installed as well as figured the roof service could happen later… Well, Tommy has now waited too long on the repair, however it has started to snow as well as the tarp can’t take it, however snow has leaked into her lake house by the inches. The tarp has to always be reset too. The modern heating equipment is not running too efficiently either. The reason is that the massive hole in the lake house is letting all the heating out. The oil furnace has to run longer as well as harder minutes than it normally would. The tarp is not an air slender sealant for the home. The lake house is barely above freezing even with the gas oil furnace on. My buddy truly needs to get her roof fixed or the oil furnace is going to overheat due to overuse. Heat naturally rises as well, however all the heating is going right up as well as out of the home. How stupid can you be? My buddy should have gotten the roof fixed way before the oil furnace was installed, however now she can’t afford a modern roof since she purchased a heater. She will lose the oil furnace before she can service the rooftop.