The windows and doors are wide open

I only have a lower electric bill during the winter months. The rest of the year, I usually spend several hundreds of dollars for electricity in my house. One big reason is the warm and humid climate. I live in the south portion of our country, where the average daily temperatures are higher than most other places. In order to combat the excessive heat, we run the A/C unit frequently. The A/C unit runs all day and all night with very little breaks. The summer temperatures can be close to 100 degrees, and that’s the average. The only time the A/C gets a break, is during the winter months. I do my best to keep the heat off until January, but sometimes it gets cold quicker than that. This year was an example of that harsh weather. It’s only November, and we have already experienced some days with freezing temperatures overnight. It’s really uncommon for this area. The roses hate the cold and the angel trumpets are losing all of their flowers. The leaves are falling from the trees and filling the pool with debris and garbage. Since we have freezing temperatures overnight, my wife has to turn on the heat. She gets cold quickly, especially when the weather changes abruptly. I could manage without using the heat during winter, but my wife will not allow it. One day, I would prefer to move to a very tropical location. I could sleep on the beach, with the windows and doors wide open. That would be my favorite retirement destination.

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